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Do you want lớn find a job in education? Teaching assistant jobs are a good way khổng lồ start. Learn about the job, what training you need, và the first steps to lớn getting employed in a school.Quý khách hàng sẽ xem: Teaching Assistant Là Gì


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What are teaching assistant jobs?

In classrooms all over the country, teachers are faced with large classes & not enough time to lớn give sầu personal attention lớn each student. A teaching assistant can help. Teaching assistant jobs are very important in the classroom. Teaching assistants tư vấn teachers by helping students & by taking care of time-consuming tasks.

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Other names for this job are teacher’s aide, teacher’s assistant, & para-educator.

About teaching assistant jobs

What can you expect as a teaching assistant?


The role of a teaching assistant may change from school to school. An assistant often helps students one by one or in small groups. They keep the classroom tidy & clean. Part of the job is lớn save sầu the teacher time so he or she can focus on teaching. The other part of the job is to lớn help the students with their work.

Duties include:

Making copies and collecting homeworkWorking with students who have sầu special needsGetting students lớn và from classrooms and busesPreparing lessonsOrganizing classroom suppliesWatching the students to lớn see if they need helpHelping with the student’s yearly education planMeeting family members khổng lồ talk about the studentSupervising students during recess và lunch


Teaching assistants work in public elementary, middle and high schools. They also work in private schools. They may work in special education facilities, such as schools for the disabled, preschools, child care centers, and religious organizations.

Salary for teaching assistant jobs

Teaching assistants earn an average of $19,000 lớn $23,640 a year. Pay is higher (up to $30,000) in areas with a higher cost of living.

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Watch a đoạn Clip about a Vietnamese refugee who is a special education teaching assistant

About the person

Qualities you should have

PatienceFriendly natureKindness and understandingAbility to maintain disciplineGood at communicatingFlexibleResponsive sầu to lớn students’ needs

Skills you will need

Teaching skillsComputer skillsOrganizational skillsGood grammar và math skillsFirst aid

Get qualified

Training for teaching assistant jobs

You will need khổng lồ have an associate’s degree (two-year degree) in education or at least two years of college to get teaching assistant jobs in most public schools.

Some private or charter schools do not require an associate’s degree. But you are more likely lớn teaching assistant jobs with some teaching training. Also, if you want to go on to lớn become a teacher in the future, you can use your education towards that goal.

Two-year colleges offer associate’s degrees in paraprofessional education, teacher assistance or educational assistance. You can study for one of these degrees at a community college. If you are working during the day, you can study online for some of these degrees.Find a community college near you. You can alsolearn about online associate educational degrees.




If you are still in school or college, apply for an internship as a teacher’s assistant. This will save you time later. You will probably need six months or a year of experience as an intern to qualify for teaching assistant jobs. If you are looking for a paid job,Schoolspring.comis a website for educational jobs.

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