Mạo danh phóng viên lừa 300 triệu đồng, YouTuber ‘Bích Thủy TV’ lãnh 8 năm tù

Defendant Bích Thủy listening to the court’s verdict – Photo: ĐAN THUẦN

In the court, the defendant Thủy did not admit the fraudulent acts as stated by the indictment. Thủy admitted receiving 300 million VND from Mr. Nguyễn Hà Thu. However, the purpose of receiving this money was not for “bidding on the motorbike parking lot of Gò Vấp District Hospital”.

According to Thủy, she had known Director Phạm Hữu Quốc of Gò Vấp District Hospital before. In 2017, Mr. Quốc informed Thủy that the hospital was preparing a team to participate in the game show “Special Mission White Blouse” and asked Thủy to support the team financially to achieve high results. In return, the hospital would assign Thủy a project for a complex on the hospital’s rooftop.

The purpose of Mr. Thu and his wife giving 300 million VND to the defendant was to invest in the hospital’s team for the purpose of doing business with the complex on the hospital’s rooftop. The entire amount of money was invested by the defendant in the hospital’s team.

Present in the court, Mr. Quốc denied all the statements made by the defendant. Mr. Quốc stated that Bích Thủy pretended to be a reporter in order to establish a relationship with him. However, there was no agreement or email correspondence as stated by the defendant.

The trial panel concluded that there was enough evidence to determine that Bích Thủy provided false information to deceive 300 million VND – Photo: ĐAN THUẦN

According to the trial panel, based on the evidence and documents, it can be concluded that in the middle of 2017, the defendant provided false information about Gò Vấp District Hospital’s intention to bid on the motorbike parking lot. The defendant boasted about herself as an HTV reporter and claimed to have a close relationship with Mr. Quốc, thus being able to help win the bidding for the parking lot.

Based on these false pieces of information, the defendant misappropriated the amount of 300 million VND from Mr. Thu and Mr. Nguyễn Văn Tiến.

However, based on the verification results, it was determined that the motorbike parking lot of Gò Vấp District Hospital was managed by a winning contractor since 2016. Furthermore, the hospital did not have any plans to build a complex.

The results of the examination concluded that the content and signature of Nguyễn Thị Bích Thủy on the money transfer document were written by the same person.

Regarding Thủy’s statements about the agreement with Mr. Thu to sponsor the hospital’s team, the verification showed that the game show ended in June 2017, while the money transfer took place in July 2017. In addition, the defendant had no other supporting documents, therefore there was no basis for consideration.

In addition to the aforementioned sentence, the trial panel ordered the confiscation of 300 million VND from the defendant Thủy, to be placed in the state treasury as the origin of the money used for illegal purposes.

At the same time, the trial panel requested the Bình Chánh District Police to further investigate the actions of those who gave and received the aforementioned amount of money.

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