to lớn ask for God"s help và protection for someone or something, or to gọi or make someone or something holy

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to ask for God’s help and protection for someone or something, or to lớn Điện thoại tư vấn or make someone or something holy:
He looked forward to " " a new world blessed with plenty, purified with justice, và sweetened with brotherly kindness.
Thus, if some cities are better governed & richer than others, it is because they are " blessed " with substantial stocks of social capital.
Christians might be persecuted but, while the persecuted were blessed, the persecutors certainly were not.
On the contrary, he is quite clear that one of the characteristics of the blessed is that their happiness would be diminished by tragic news.
If the judgement associated with the supreme happiness of the blessed is a false judgement, then the eternally blessed are, in effect, living an eternal mistake.
If the fellow was good, his children will be blessed & have a lot of success, but if he was bad, a lot of evil can hit his offspring.
More important, because child psychology is blessed, or cursed, with so many different methodologies, some good, some bad, a chapter setting these out và evaluating them would have been useful.

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In the life of the modern woman, blessed with an almost inexhaustible supply of strings, love sầu is no less episodical than in the life of a man.
Industry, in a great measure, depends on property; & a much greater blessing depends on it, which is the gratification of the most dignified natural affections.
With this book, the growing field of opera-cinema studies is simultaneously burdened & blessed with a wealth of stimulating questions to lớn engage us for some time to lớn come.
When they passed a church along the route, the workers leading the column of demonstrators knelt down và received a blessing from two priests standing on the steps.





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