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Bạn đang xem: Crease là gì

If cloth, paper, etc. creases, or if you crease it, it gets a line in it where it has been folded or crushed:
a line or mark made on material by folding or pressing it, or a line in a person’s skin, esp. in the face:
With inu creasing wavenumber, this mode enter s the region of waveguide modes and acquires a volume distribution typical of the waveguide modes.
Now that we are in creasing the amount available from £15,000,000 lớn £45.000,000, the rate of progress will, we hope, be more rapid.
Instead of the output of coal increasing, it is at the present time de creasing, & largely because of the short age of food.
Therefore, the number of redundancies will be substantially in- creased if the appointed day procedure is adopted.
We all recognise the dangers of a decaying population in quantity & in- creasing age, and that need not be argued further.
U-boats & convoys will happily have sầu disappeared và the in- creased engine power will prove uneconomic và unprofitable.
I suggest that these billeting rates, which have sầu been unchanged for two years, ought to be in- creased.
The discrepancy becomes in creasingly serious as mechanisation in creases the farmers" need of ready money.
To add to lớn this, the tonnage of waste being put out both factory và domestic waste, is also in- creasing enormously.

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