A:Eager is a word used for expressing a strong wanting to bởi vì or be something..

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for example: After the demo he was EAGER lớn see his results if you have any other problem.. don”t hesitate to ask

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A:Eager can mean excited or ready lớn vì something. *He was eager to lớn finish his essay.

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*She was eager about starting her new job.A:Eager is an adjective sầu for describing a person.It means that the person strongly wants to vị something, is highly motivated khổng lồ vì something, or even can”t wait to lớn vày something. You can also say that they are “itching” or “yearning” to do something–although “yearning” is a little poetic not so common in normal conversation.Some comtháng expressions with “eager.”1. Eager khổng lồ please 人を楽しませる(満足させる)のに一生懸命2. To wait eagerly for something しきりに待つ3. Never be too eager for praiseBeing eager is generally a good thing, but it can also be negative sầu if you are “over-eager.”Hope this is helpful
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