Surviving by Magic: The Remarkable Story of Fergus Anckorn, Magician và Survivor of the Thai-Burma Death Railway: 1Copertina flessibile – Illustrato, 1 maggio 2009

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The remarkable story of Fergus Anckorn, magician & survivor of the Thai-Burma "Death Railway". Fergus survived the Alexandra Hospital massacre và helped build "The Bridge on the River Kwai". He used his magician"s skills khổng lồ survive sầu as a prisoner. He has been interviewed on BBC Radio 4, BBC Television và BBC World News. He still gives magic shows at the age of 93 và is the oldest thành viên of the Magic Circle.
Extracts from whole page review: Monty Parkin is a well known artist & Kent historian who records for posterity the lives of some interesting folk. In this case it is Gunner Anckorn FG. The bulk of the book covers Fergus Anckorn"s time as a POW but it is book-ended by Fergus"s early life và his life lớn date. The book finishes with Fergus saying "so I was lucky, I survived. I had a life và they didn"t. Another thing people often say, because of my various escapes, is "God was looking after you". I say "Well he didn"t bởi vì much for my mates"."........ There are some very funny anecdotes throughout the book .......Throughout his life many people, including Jo Brand the comedienne, have been put in their place by Fergus Anckorn! It is easy lớn see why when you have sầu read Surviving By Magic. --Journal of the Royal Artillery by Colonel NT JeffersonNo man has a story to lớn tell more dramatic, more riveting or more inspiring than Fergus Anckorn, (etc)........ --Bromley TimesFergus Anckorn and elements of his remarkable story combines harrowing experiences with humour....... An enjoyable and interesting read. Jonabé Moffatt. --Fepow Website
Monty Parkin has published various books of oral history and his work has been supported by Kent Arts and Libraries & Kent Archaelogical Society. His books have sầu been reviewed in historical journals and national newspapers. He is also a professional speaker và artist.

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Editore‏:‎A.M.Parkin; 3rd edizione (1 maggio 2009)Lingua‏:‎IngleseCopertina flessibile‏:‎109 pagineISBN-10‏:‎1871525160ISBN-13‏:‎978-1871525168Peso articolo‏:‎240 gDimensioni‏:‎14.9 x 21 x 1.4 cm
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