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traditional khổng lồ or typical of a particular group or country, especially one where people mainly live in the countryside, và usually passed on from parents khổng lồ their children over a long period of time:
Folk art expresses something about the lives and feelings of ordinary people in a particular group or country, especially those living in the countryside:
A shepherd boy who took her for an ordinary woman reportedly asked " why don "t she put on clothes so that folks would know her ?
People who themselves are old by conventional standards, often refer to lớn " the old folks ", clearly indicating a group khổng lồ which the speakers vì not perceive themselves as belonging.
Second, the fact that folks have remained unmoved by the claims of strong natural law theory does not show that the claims of svào natural law theory are false.
Just because these folks are neuroscientists, their chosen topic must be covered in detail in any book they read, including one written by a social cognitive sầu psychologist?
His beer & "baccy" is probably the only thing—with, perhaps, an occasional picture show, or an occasional visit to lớn his old folk"s club.
I rethành viên once breaking the law by suggesting that they should put currants in the poor old folks" bread.
The critics seem to lớn think it is not good for folks lớn enjoy entertainment without a compensating dose of culture.
I want khổng lồ repudiate most strongly any suggestion that working folks cannot spkết thúc their money wisely và well.
Will we degenerate inkhổng lồ referendums on individual topics such as a town hall here and an old folks" trang chính there?
I say with the greathử nghiệm respect that no other section of the community has had the treatment that our old folks have had.
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Các từ hay được thực hiện cùng với folk.

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Normally, rich tombs are considered of high rank, whereas pit graves are synonymous with common folk.
All the farms there were small farms with decent folk—families who had been there for generations and who were tenants.
I vì not think it is, and, in this regard, there is the greachạy thử danger to the welfare of our fisher folk.





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