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lớn take an amount from someone"s wages (= money paid every week to lớn an employee) or bank tài khoản in order to lớn pay baông chồng money they owe:
lớn take part of the income or property of someone who owes a debt và give sầu it to lớn a court in order to lớn pay the debt:
In contrast, most states wait until child tư vấn payments are delinquent before taking action, & their actions bởi vì not necessarily involve sầu garnishing wages.
Timmins has provided some very nourishing, piquantly spiced & cleverly garnished traditional fare, but something nearer lớn nouvelle cuisine might have been even better.
Bartenders were also responsible for retrieving necessary supplies (liquor, carbon dioxide tanks, fruit for garnishing drinks, etc) from the kitchen & storerooms khổng lồ ensure that both bars were fully stocked.
Choosing hatred as a "besom" or broom to lớn clear the soul of "impurities," he evokes the biblical image of the soul swept & garnished khổng lồ await the bridegroom"s coming.
In a few cases, a little garnish is added - an etymological note, perhaps; or a description of a recent eruption, or notable fatalities.
He said that if they were not, he would eat his hat, garnished; we are still waiting for hlặng khổng lồ vày so.
Assuming that a self-employed man has a banking trương mục it can be garnished or it would be possible, if necessary, to lớn put in the bailiffs.
They seem khổng lồ be a strange combination of innocence và flippancy, garnished round with a smattering of reformist zeal, without any adequate thought whatever having been devoted to the matter.
Second, by saying, if you don"t provide for your children, you should have sầu your wages garnished, your license suspended, you should be tracked across state lines.

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The mixture of sugar and tea is cooled, diluted with water & served over ice garnished with lemon.
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