It started innocently enough, with a radio session. But how did we get from that khổng lồ the 2012 X Factor winner leaving Twitter amid accusations of homophobia?

It has been a difficult few days for James Arthur, with an appearance on Radio 1Xtra, in which he tried his hand at rapping, sparking a chain of events that led lớn his departure from Twitter, with his trương mục now run by his management. How did last year"s X Factor winner get khổng lồ this point? Here"s how …

Step one: Wednesday

Arthur causes a small ruckus in the press by recording an expletive-heavy session for Radio 1Xtra"s Fire in the Booth, for apparently being rude about Rita Ora in his rhymes. However, the consternation is much larger aao ước the UK"s MCs, who believe sầu that an X Factor winner with clunky rhyme skills shouldn"t be impinging on their territory.

Step two: Thursday

One such person khổng lồ air his grievances about Arthur"s work is the gregarious Croydon battle MC Micky Worthless, an alumnus of the UK"s main battle league, Don"t Flop. "How is
JamesArthur23 going khổng lồ battle in public when he ain"t even allowed lớn show his teeth in public?" he tweets.

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Step three: Thursday

Amazingly, James decides he should respond on Twitter. Repeatedly. And get his fans lớn bombard Worthless with hate as well. The actual rapper responds in kind for a while, then decides lớn rush out a diss traông chồng, and a few hours later the world is presented with his Stay in Your Lane, James! – which suggests Arthur"s success is down khổng lồ performing fellatio on Simon Cowell và Louis Walsh.

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Step four: Thursday

Five hours later, Arthur responds in kind with Hey Mickey, which sounds like someone learning to lớn rap over a Casio keyboard set khổng lồ "hip-hop 2". Its central refrain is the blistering, partly sung motif, "Mickey, please stop making that music, you are not very good." Back on Twitter, the battle rap community is united in its hooting derision, while Arthur"s fans are adamant that Worthless has been comprehensively bodybagged.

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Step five: Friday reports on the escalating beef. They note the parts when James calls his quarry a "fucking queer" và "Taliban" – Worthless is of Middle Eastern extraction – without being excessively pejorative sầu about the language. Its tone is amused at the absurdity of it all. It soon becomes apparent that the rest of the world is not …

Step six: Friday

The gay press picks up on the story, as Gay Star News reports, perhaps with a touch of exaggeration, that the track "outraged young fans", when most of them were still on Twitter having a go at Micky Worthless. Around this time, the SoundCloud file of Arthur"s song is taken down.

Step seven: Friday

Celebrities wade in. The ball starts rolling on Twitter with Matt Lucas"s succinct, "Fuông chồng you
JamesArthur23 for using the phrase "fucking queer" in your lademo track. Fuông xã you." Then, more crucially, Frankie Boyle gets involved. Arthur decides to lớn cross swords with Frankie và try his hand at dealing with hecklers. He proves to lớn be as adept at that as he is at dope rhyme flow.

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Step eight: Saturday

The tabloid news wades in, with first the Mirror và then the Star reporting on the "homophobic slur" and then the Sun running a huge piece dubbing Arthur "the biggest bell-end in pop". Arthur, meanwhile, has been playing Children in Need và his Twitter feed, for now, concentrates solely on that.

Step nine: Saturday

The climbdown continues. Arthur issues a very long, heartfelt apology on Twitter in which he uses the classic caveat that he has "many many gay friends", citing Rylan Clark. Former Coronation Street star Bev Callard replies, "Bit late mate." But Matt Lucas accepts the apology. Even so, Arthur can still be found getting stuông xã inkhổng lồ Frankie Boyle. Arthur: "I feel sorry for your kids." Boyle: "I feel sorry for them too because next year they"ll have sầu to watch you in panto." Arthur"s attempts khổng lồ take on Boyle on Twitter have since been removed.

Step 10: Saturday night

The saga reaches its epic climax. Arthur bows out with a heartfelt tweet of "‪#LOVE khổng lồ my fans but I"m coming off Twitter for good. HQ will be doing all my tweets from now on. PEACE!". Tweets henceforth refer to hyên ổn, poignantly, in third person. The battle world declares Micky Worthless to lớn be their king for the week, & then the tale is given its final seal – a full recounting on the Daily Mail website.

And the result? James Arthur has picked up more than 4,000 new followers since Friday.

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