a meeting at which a person or organization makes a public statement & reporters can ask questions

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a meeting at which government or business officials make a public statement & reporters can ask questions
a meeting in which someone makes an official statement to lớn journalists (= people who write reports for newspapers, television, etc.) & answers questions from them :
She was married, but after gossip of an affair was circulated, she held a press conference, against the advice of her publicists và advisers.
The sheriff"s office và district attorney declined lớn bình luận on the reasons behind his move, or speculated cause of death at a press conference.
In a press conference the next day, police officials disclosed that eighty-seven rounds had been deployed.
The agencies were used khổng lồ funnel millions of dollars to doctors, hospitals, & officials, authorities told a press conference today.
Then he followed her around the traông chồng, toward the television cameras, past the reporters, inkhổng lồ the awards ceremony and a press conference.
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someone with a very great ability that usually shows itself when that person is a young child

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