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A sagging abdomen which made the patient " look pregnant " was enough reason khổng lồ perkhung a tummy tuông xã.
Thus, the visible markers of grey hair, wrinkles, & sagging skin were the physical determinants of social invisibility.
Increasingly, the state"s security forces were called on to buoy up the government"s sagging authority.
The screen was annealed for several hours, và then the wires were retightened lớn minimize possible sagging or distortion.
Intellectual distinction could console a nation whose military fortunes were sagging, dignifying the savant with a patriotic role that conveniently coincided with his own personal quest for fame.
Sagging of the jaw and tilting of the head are common, and are frequently accompanied by a slight buckling of the knees.
The safety net which we stretch under them should be there all right, but it should be a sagging net &, therefore, much cheaper.
Dampness, sagging roof, draughts, cracked walls and other faults due khổng lồ bad construction won"t develop later.
But, as soon as the war was over, it was followed up by a sharp downward move, và then the sagging tendency renews itself.
Ought they to hope for a return to 1952–53 with sagging production and growing unemployment, or for a year of increasing production?
Not only has there been a catastrophic fall in sheep prices, but cattle prices have sầu been sagging very badly.
We have had roaring inflation, sagging investment, soaring unemployment, và growing social và economic injustice.

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My third plea is to young and old people khổng lồ recognise the sagging neông chồng of a swan that is suffering from lead poisoning.
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