(the title given to) a person who has received an official honour from the Christian, especially the Roman Catholic, Church for having lived in a good và holy way. The names of saints are sometimes used khổng lồ name places và buildings:

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Elizabeth Seton was the first person born in the US khổng lồ be made a saint by the Roman Catholic Church.
These dynasties achieved a great success in popularising their saints but ultimately at the cost of the complete transformation of the saints themselves.
Just as the subtitles of these chapters illuminate the real voices of saints, so bởi the words within the text.
Cures attributed to lớn saints were capable of naturalistic explanation, but they were not rendered innocuous by this means.
The items dealing with specific aspects of the life of the saint, however, look as though their melodies might be original.
Also, while the authors excelled in drawing similarities between religious và popular saints, some engagement with the differences or difficulties of the relationship was lacking.
They likewise acquired distinctively civic overtones as cathedral clerics employed them in honour of local patron saints.

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Events observed included life-cycle (weddings, communions), ritual-cycle (saints" days), & school events (conferences, rallies, local và statewide meetings, parades).
Pilgrimages were directed towards these cities & towards the burial places of saints and their relics.
Largely owing lớn this deft intertwining of popular & clerical elements, the collection, one of many such lives of saints, gained immediate and enduring popularity.
Chapter 3 addresses the dates & manner of celebrating the saints" feasts, as well as the various manifestations of personal devotion khổng lồ saints.





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