Chân dung 'Thánh catwalk' Sinon Loresca: Đã có chồng, từng sống ở 'núi rác' Philippines vì bị chính gia đình kỳ thị

When Sinon Loresca shared a video of his catwalk in support of his fellow countrymen at Miss Universe 2017 on social media, he had no idea that his life would change with each increasing number of likes and shares. His skillful catwalk steps, combined with his muscular physique, created a captivating contrast that compelled internet users to watch his videos repeatedly.

Famous thanks to the flat world, the “Catwalk Saint” has achieved many things in real life after enduring years of discrimination upon returning to his homeland, the Philippines. The more polished and extravagant his catwalk videos became, the more opportunities Sinon Loresca had to help those who had been overlooked by society and to convey the message: “Just live true to yourself and do what you love.”

Black Sheep Pushed into the “Trash Mountain” by Family

Born and raised in the Philippines, a country with a passionate love for beauty pageants, Sinon Loresca, a homosexual man, was also fascinated by the flawless catwalks of Miss Universe and Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. However, before he could pursue his dream of becoming a model, Sinon was forced to leave his home because his family couldn’t accept having a gay son.

“My parents treated me as if I were dead. My mother called me the black sheep of the family. After graduating from high school, I left home. My family couldn’t accept my true self, especially my father because we share the same name. I moved to Manila and lived in the city’s trash mountain,” Sinon shared with CQ Magazine.

A Life Turned Around by a 60-Second “Divine” Catwalk

The video that made Sinon a social media phenomenon.

Mocked since childhood for his bulky physique, Sinon moved to the UK in 2010 and trained at the gym seven days a week to achieve an attractive, six-pack body. He started practicing catwalks in high heels to pursue his passion in 2015. Sinon then married a British man and lived a happy life until the fateful video of his catwalk made him an internet sensation.

Riding on his success with more professional and “over-the-top” catwalk videos, Sinon received invitations from Magpakailanman, one of the most popular talk shows in the Philippines. He returned to his homeland to share his own story, from being rejected by his family to living in Manila’s “trash mountain.” Sinon transformed from a man who was ostracized by his family to the “King of Catwalk,” admired by the Filipino people.

Sinon’s latest video in Laos.

Unable to be a Beauty Queen, but Able to Be Useful Like One

Aside from creating numerous street catwalk videos, Sinon Loresca uses his influence to help homeless children and people facing difficult situations, just like he did in the past. “Now, I am certain that I always want to share what I have with others because I have everything now. When I was in that situation, nobody helped me. That’s why I want to be the one who helps them,” he said.

Despite having many fans, some people criticize Sinon Loresca for being “over-the-top” and appearing too flamboyant, while the LGBT community wants to promote a more wholesome and friendly image of gay people. However, Sinon remains steadfast in what made him famous and influential, which is being true to himself and wholeheartedly pursuing his passions.

While a substantial number of viewers may watch Sinon’s street catwalk videos out of curiosity or to mock him, there is no harm in him enjoying the process and feeling proud. Moreover, behind the six-pack tattooed man who always greets with a smile like a beauty queen, lies a resilient soul that overcame past wounds and is committed to making a positive impact on the community.


When asked about the feeling of strutting down crowded streets during a catwalk, Sinon Loresca expressed his happiness because it is the passion of his life: “Not only women can catwalk. Everyone can, as long as they love it, even if they have a bulky physique.”

Living courageously with his own passion has become a magical feat that enables the gay man rejected by his family and forced to live in a “trash mountain” to become beloved and have the opportunity to help the community: “Emerging from a sad past, I now want to share and make everyone smile. I don’t care about those who don’t like it. We can always do whatever we want.”

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