lớn start thinking or talking about a different subject from the one you should be giving attention to:

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Second, they acknowledged that the president had grown more comfortable in straying away from prepared remarks and speaking from the gut.
Much acousmatic music strays in and out of transcontextual suggestions - the sounds of nature, the elements and environment are particularly common.
Rumors about " already dead military men " abounded in the 1940s, & contributed to lớn many young wives straying.
Typical practice in commons grazing is for children to lớn walk with the herds khổng lồ monitor strays, deter theft, and return the animals at night.
Hence, if reshuffles are possible, ministers" preferences for bigger budgets are tempered by a concern for not straying too far from the official buổi tiệc ngọt policy.
We are straying into the shadowy area of musical và verbal identity, & the kinds of patterns of recognition that begin to lớn enable us khổng lồ construct such identities.
On cycles, we are not interested in how far the walker strays from its starting point, but in the mixing properties of the distribution on the cycle.
Higgins et al. discusses detecting when a student has written an essay that strays from the test question topic, which is critical to lớn the evaluation of student writing.
The standard methodological reading of the doubt is on the right traông xã, but it strays from the path in treating certainty as the chief, or perhaps the only, methodological ayên ổn.
A "close" represented the spatial extent of property; a trespass (literally a transgression) could be perpetrated by animals straying across an imaginary line & entering the cchiến bại.
Gradually it became clear, however, that the king meant to restrain not only corantos that strayed inkhổng lồ domestic policy or highly sensitive sầu foreign negotiations, but all news.

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The fraction of intelligent races with sufficient giải pháp công nghệ và the desire khổng lồ communicate is clearly an issue that strays from the purely physical and biological sciences inkhổng lồ the social sciences.
The purpose of the exclusion zone was khổng lồ prevent aircraft và ships from straying into lớn a possible danger area.
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