A:Hello !Although these two words mean to make effort, "assiduous" is in a more positive sầu way, for example - making an effort & achieving with an energised feeling. Strenuous has a more negative sầu feeling - for example - making an effort & achieving but being super exhausted and stressed at the same time. Here are their definitions and some examples.Assiduous - to lớn make a constant effort, work hard to lớn perfect, persevere, not give up, diligent.Sentence examples:1) She worked assiduously on her final university assignment.2) My mother is assiduous when it comes khổng lồ housework. She enjoys making everything spiông xã và span. 3) He is a competent và assiduous worker. The team loves his energy!**chú ý - Assiduous isn"t used too often in conversation. I think it is used more in writing, particularly novels or academic work. People would use "diligent" or "tireless" more so!Strenuous - exhausting, demanding, arduous, a lot of effort in a tiring way.Sentence examples:1) She worked strenuously to lớn finish her final university assignment. 2) My mother is a strenuous house cleaner. She always over does it và exhausts herself. 3) He is a strenuous worker that never takes breaks. 4) Don"t vị any strenuous exercise after recovering from sickness.**lưu ý - Strenuous can have sầu another meaning of being energetic, but it is rarely used in this way in my opinion. Strenuous is a comtháng word :-)^^ I hope the above is helpful!

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A:To start, almost no one says assiduous. I actually had to look it up, it’s very uncommon. Strenuous means something requires great physical effort. Exercising with very heavy weights is strenuous, but working at a desk for 3 days and not going trang chủ is also strenuous. It takes a large toll on your toàn thân. Assiduous means khổng lồ be completely devoted, & to lớn put a lot of care into something. Something you might spover hours doing to make sure it’s perfect. It’s not characterized by how hard it is (like strenuous), but by how much attention is paid.

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A:"Strenuous" is the more common word; I suggest you only use "strenuous.""Arduous" and "laborious" are rare and aren"t used in conversation. "Laborious" is extremely rare.These three words describe difficult tasks."Strenuous" implies "time-consuming và stressful.""Arduous" implies "difficult, time-consuming, and unfulfilling.""Laborious" implies a "long and extremely difficult effort." It refers khổng lồ the myth of the "Labors of Hercules," a series of impossible feats for a godlike being.
A:They both can mean difficult but hard can also refer to lớn an objects density or consistency. E.g.)This thử nghiệm is strenuous.This demo is hard.The earth is hard.
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