I am a long time follower of modding Skyryên but I don't understand the section of bouncing breasts or breathing bodies.

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So after I found a female toàn thân replacer:

I installed the toàn thân replacer by SeveNBase

I installed XP32's Maximum skeleton and ran FNIS.

At this I have sầu no idea if I have to do something for having BBPhường and/or TBBP. So do I have to lớn install another gian lận or am I done?

I found a Mod called HDT Breast And Butt Physics - TBBP.. BBP Supported by threedeedevil which need the Mod HDT Physics Extensions. Will only this enable bouncing breasts?

I am looking forward khổng lồ your answer.

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Install your female body (CBBE/UNP/7b)

Install a Skeleton (xp32 extended)

Install HDT Physics Extension

Install HDT Breast & Butt Physics - TBBPhường BBP. Supported by threedeevil

For some reason, for xp32 the author said you need Realistic Ragdoll và Force, which I installed before xp32 extended. Do this, và you will have a female with very realistic moving butt cheeks and breasts.

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It's really difficult khổng lồ tease out a lot of the terms. Here are my notes from when I went through the same process.

UNP = A body gian lận. Realistic. Average sized.

UNPB = UNPhường Blessed Body = UNPB Redux = The UNP hack, but with breasts that scale larger. Most detailed mesh.

UNP+BBPhường = UNP iwth jiggly physics (skeleton?)

UNPB+BBP. = UNPB with jiggly physics. (sekelton?)

CBBE = Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition = A body toàn thân gian lận, shapely, barbie doll, unrealistic Lots of armor support.

CalienteBodyAdvanced = I think this isn't a body toàn thân shape with nifs itself, but the ability lớn generate this toàn thân shape with bodyslide. "BodySlide, Caliente Body (CBBE) and what was CB++ have sầu merged khổng lồ make Caliente Body Advanced." (from BodySlide2 & Outfit Studio description)

CHSBHC = Cherry Hotalings SBHC? = Body gian lận with built in BBPhường. Derived from CBBE work. Supports armor. Breasts tend khổng lồ "wander".

BBP.. = Breast & Body physics. Comes with some body mods. Animations.

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TBBPhường. = Tender Breast và Body Physics. An animation system primarly added lớn CBBE, ADEC, và UNPB. Has one more bone per breast. That's it. TBBP relates khổng lồ the bones being present và animations that are TBBPhường will try khổng lồ move sầu those bones.

7Base = Body mod. TBBP. tư vấn. Very nice looking.

ADEC = Acdale EyeCandy Body = Body thủ thuật. Supports BBP & TBBP. Not much armor support.

HDT = Adds jiggling to objects like breasts và butt by adding havok physics lớn them via dll/skse injection. Not an animation, but just physics. Need hdt-enabled skele/body/clothing/hair.

XPMS = XP32 Maximum Skeleton = A multi purpose skeleton for animation. Required for most things.

XPMS Extended = XPMS with HDT tư vấn. No BBP. or TBBP. tư vấn.

BodySlide = Lets you make your own female toàn thân mesh from scratch! Sliders khổng lồ generate meshes for all types of known female bodies and write them out, as well as the racethực đơn slider data that defines their morphs. Still need textures from base bodies.

CalienteBody Advanced = BodySlide, Caliente Body (CBBE) và what was CB++ have merged khổng lồ make Caliente Body Advanced.

OutfitStudio - Convert outfits between bodies, create your own BodySlide sliders, correct animation weights, barely any modding experience required!

.hkx = animation file (havok - gotta export them to lớn use in something useful lượt thích 3dsmax)

This is my install stachồng, using MO. It might be slightly out of date now. If you're not using MO but rather something lượt thích NMM, install them in this order, accepting overwrites. You also need SKSE and FNIS for pretty much everything.

HDT+Bodythủ thuật Install Stack

HDT Physics ExtensionHDT Breast và Butt physics (optional)CBBETBBP. - Dragonfly's TBBPhường... (replace these animations as desired because they're dumb)Realistic Ragdolls & ForceXPMSHDT Havok Object (optional)Use GenerateFNISUse BossUse BodySlide to lớn generate a new body mesh lớn override the one that came with CBBE because the default doesn't tư vấn HDT

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