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Respondents" education is measured by five sầu levels of elementary school or lower, middle school, high school, vocational school, & college or higher.
The difference becomes negligible for those who finished vocational school or two-year college, & somewhat narrow for those who completed high school.
The paper explains how the book was a pilot project carried out with 300,000 elementary và vocational school students aged 8-15.
The baseline of comparison is with the category of those who finish high school or vocational school.
In addition, the directive sầu puts all post-secondary education diplomas on the same footing, be they from a higher education institution or from a vocational school.
The vocational school continued to lớn operate and offer courses in tailoring, printing, và tự động hóa mechanics until 1928.
It is a modernized garden, local-people-run secondary vocational school with complete facilities, beautiful environment và excellent condition.
After graduating from high school, she pursued her love of singing & went on to attover a music-related vocational school.
It now has public-run schools from kindergarten, primary school, middle school, secondary teachers school & secondary vocational school.
The district operates nine elementary/middle schools, one vocational school, one high school, & an alternative education center.
The education in vocational school is free, and the students from low-income families are eligible for a state student grant.

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